History of the company

The AET Group, founded in 1964, started its operations in the sector of galvanised steel pylons for medium-high voltage and heavy metal structures.

From 1972, the business expanded with the production of electric and telephone accessories and with the development of new production technologies. In those years, the group emerged as a leader in the mechanical engineering and electric component sectors.


In the following decades, pursuing a business diversification strategy, AET also became successful in the railway and renewable energies sectors.

Today, its main specialisations are railway superstructures and technological systems, for which it manages design, construction, testing and commissioning phases. Thanks to its expertise and know-how, the company has a consolidated position in the sector, being active in the construction of several railway, subway and tramway lines for several institutional clients.


AET srl is a part of a diversified industrial group that operates in multiple sectors: real estate, hospitality and tourism, renewable energies, cultural heritage and private equity.



Ing. Salvatore Paliotto & C

Production of galvanised steel pylons for medium and high voltage and of heavy metal structures, subsequently renamed Steel Beton s.r.l. (1998)



A.E.T. Accessori Elettrici e Telefonici s.r.l.

Expansion of the businesses with the production of electric and telephone accessories


Acquisition of SUVAL Spa
Milan-based competitor


Merger of A.E.T. and Steel Beton s.r.l., leading to the establishment of SAEL s.r.l., subsequently renamed AET s.r.l., which is still operating in the railway infrastructure sector