Civil works

Civil works

AET is active in the sector of civil works for railway infrastructure, for residential / industrial buildings and for renewable energy photovoltaic systems.


With a specialised technical team, the company manages the entire project design and engineering, assuring high standards of versatility and precision, essential to meet customers’ requirements.


Thanks to its consolidated know-how and to its modern equipment, AET is able to build multiple types of structures.

Civil works for railway superstructures (multiducts and slabs)

Alifana Inferiore subway, Piscinola-Miano segment

Artistic furnishings in stations

Alifana Inferiore – Scampia Station


Metalworks for railway platforms

Alifana Railway – Giugliano Station

Railway station completion and finishing works

Alifana Inferiore

Construction of industrial and residential buildings

Erection of residential building in Milan

Building restructuring and restyling

Museum building in Turin