Technological plants

Technological plants

AET is an expert in the field of technological systems for railway infrastructure and, in particular, it is specialised in the construction of integrated systems. It manages the entire contract cycle.


The main types of plants constructed are:

Railway plants:

Power supply and electric traction systems

Electric substations and transformer cabinets

Signaling systems

Electric, mechanical and special systems:

Medium Voltage (MV) Transformer Cabinets

Light and Motive Power systems

Continuity and Emergency Systems

Ventilation systems

Conditioning systems

Water and firefighting systems

Fire detection systems

Video surveillance and Closed-Circuit TV (CCTV) systems

Telecommunication systems


Rolling stock maintenance and recovery workshop

Alifana Inferiore Railway (Piscinola Station)

Electric substation equipment

Alifana Inferiore Railway – Electric substation of Giugliano


Telecommunication and signaling systems

Alifana Inferiore PCO

Electric systems

Alifana Inferiore Railway (Melito Station)


Fire-fighting system

Alifana Inferiore Railway (Melito Station)